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The Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development celebrates the diverse community of our students at Babson College. Your perspectives and contributions are valuable, and we want to help you find the opportunities and career paths that celebrate all aspects of your identity. We understand that you may face a unique set of challenges, concerns, and questions as you navigate the job search process, the world of networking, and transition into the workplace. We encourage you to know your rights, do your research, and utilize your resources as you aim to find a workplace with a culture that is safe, inclusive, and supportive of your intersecting identities. 

While at Babson, make sure you check out  Multicultural and Identity Programs (MIP) and this list of the cultural student organizations. 

Visit our Canvas pages for diversity and inclusion early career programs. Specific details may be found on their respective websites or on Handshake. Please be aware that qualification and deadline for each program may vary, and the list is not exhaustive, so students are encouraged to do thorough research of their own.  


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