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Welcome to CCD.  We offer programs, services and resources to guide Babson students in pursuing their career goals.  When students partner with us, they gain the insight and resources to help recognize and pursue the right opportunities for their unique skills and goals.

Our Career Advisers and student Peer Career Ambassadors are highly experienced with a variety of backgrounds poised to guide students in their career journeys including but not limited to finance, accounting, marketing, retail, consulting, analytics, and graduate school education. They are available to meet with students to hone their career skills and strategy.

To get started, book an appointment with one of our Career Advisors or spend some time exploring Career Interests and our 24/7 resources below.

Getting Started

Babson Undergraduate CCD meets students at all stages of the career process.  Whether you are new to Babson, a senior about to complete a full time job search, or at any point in between, we are here to assist and guide in your career journey. 

Maximize your Handshake Account

Handshake is the nation’s #1 college-to-career network.  CCD partners directly with Handshake to provide you with career advising appointments, employer and career events, and thousands of job postings geared towards your interests.  With so much to see in Handshake it can be difficult to know where to start, click here to get started using Handshake.

Explore Career Options

While it’s common for many students to enter college with an idea of what they want to do with a business degree, we know the path to get there is not always a linear one. CCD has many resources to help you learn more about the opportunities that are open to you. Start by exploring CCD’s Career Interest pages, these are a great way for you to explore your interests, and connect to important resources such as industry-specific Vault Guides, curated jobs & events, and more. Not sure where to start? You can always schedule a Career Exploration Appointment with an Advisor to learn more.

Make Connections

Making connections is all about discovery and utilizing knowledge to inform your career journey. To achieve this end, the CCD empowers students to source information, gain industry insight, identify professional opportunities, develop a network, and build relationships through leveraging new and existing connections. To get started, consider making connections via the following methods:

  • Belong: explore the Babson campus engagement platform, then identify and join student clubs and organizations.
  • Babson Faculty: invite conversations with your professors who are experts in their respective field(s).
  • Student Advising & Success Advisor: take ownership of your educational journey by understanding the interconnectedness of your academic, personal, and professional goals.
  • Network: Whether via Handshake, LinkedIn, Regional Clubs, or Affinity Groups connect with the global Babson alumni network.


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