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Growing a professional community is essential for any job or internship search.  The process of building  connections can be complex, but you have probably networked in some capacity before.  If you have spoken with Babson alumni, received advice from professors, met with advisers, or simply had a conversation with someone in an industry of interest, you have taken part in a form of networking.

 Additionally, a mentor, someone who will assist you in developing professionally, can be greatly beneficial as you begin a career or explore a new industry. Your odds for advancement, job success, skill-building, and an inside-view of the organization are just a few of the benefits that come with identifying the right mentor.

Some tips on ways to find a mentor and develop a mutually beneficial relationship include identifying where you excel vs. what you may not know, finding someone with connections in industry or organization of interest, active listening, and finding a mentor whom you can trust.  A mentor should challenge you to make progress toward your goals, while sharing values and easy communication.

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