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Create a Resume / Cover Letter

The resume is a summarizing document that presents you in the best possible professional light. The universal purpose of a resume is to generate interest: to create enough interest to make people want to bring you in for an interview (or virtual interview these days), network with you, or simply get to know you better. Similarly, the cover letter is a supplemental document you typically submit along with your resume when applying for a job or internship. The cover letter, when required, is your chance to explain to the hiring manager why you are the right person for the position and organization by demonstrating, illustrating, and exemplifying the qualifications listed within your resume to make a compelling best ‘fit’ argument.

In other words, the cover letter allows you to make the connection between your experience, education, skills, and the employer’s needs. The resume and cover letter are often the first pieces of information a hiring manager will review about you and use to decide whether to invite you for an interview, thus they are just the beginning pieces of any application process.


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