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Prepare for an Interview

Yes, interviews can be intimidating (especially if it is your first time), but just like any new experience, it can also be very exciting! The more you practice and prepare, the more confident and competent you will become.  

Most organizations will include some form of interviewing as part of their recruitment process. The format and types of interviews vary greatly and depend on the opportunity, organization, industry, and geographic location. Some interviews may be as simple as a casual phone screen, or as straightforward as a 1:1 behavioral interview. Others may be more intense such as a case interview. Interviews may involve the use of on-line interview software (HireVue, Yello), gamification platforms, cognitive assessments (Predictive Index), competitions, group case studies, technical interviews, or day-long interview events, such as Super Days.  

Industry and company research are important pieces of interview prep. Understanding oneself and building strong self-advocacy skills are also important. Whether it be creating strong answers to tough interview questions, providing tips for leaning into personality styles, supporting the creation of an interview portfolio, or guiding your request for interview accommodations, CCD is here to support you every step of the way. 


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