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An internship is a short-term work experience where a student has an opportunity to work for an organization. It is a chance to gain insight into a company/industry, to build professional relationships, to gain real-world work experience, and to benefit from on-the job training. Internships can sometimes lead to an offer of full-time employment. A job, on the other hand, is a long-term work role for the purpose of earning money and career advancement.

An effective job / internship search typically involves applying to relevant postings as well as networking. While there are a variety of sites that are useful in finding internship postings, CCD recommends always starting with Handshake, as these postings are specifically targeted to Babson students.

It is also important to stay organized!  Keep a spreadsheet of all the internships to which you have applied or would like to apply. Some suggested columns to have in your spreadsheet are defined here. This will help you stay organized, be prepared when an employer contacts you, and know when to follow up if you do not hear anything.

Company Name – Position – Link to Position Posting – Company Contact – Babson Alumni Contacts – Date Applied – Date to Follow Up

Tailor your resume to EVERY position you are applying. Look at the internship description compared to your resume and ensure you have any keywords from the internship description on your resume if applicable.

Visit CCD’s Canvas page to learn more about tips and resources for job/internship search.


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